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Identity and integrity

In 2013, the Association drew up the strategy document ‘Zingeving en Goed Onderwijs’ (The Search for Meaning and Good Education).

In this document, the Catholic identity of the Association is provided with three basic concepts: good education, being a good person and living a good life. Our identity must be reflected in the behaviour of both teachers and students. Identity, or, in other word, ‘values-driven education’, transcends such a strategic policy document, as well as the timetable of a subject such as ‘Levensbeschouwing’ [‘World Views’]. The search for meaning in the form of values-driven education also comprises the subject matter of a lesson, the teacher's attitude towards the learner, the educational environment, the organisation of the school, the personnel policy, parental involvement, and so on.

Values-driven education contributes to the self-development, and the social and civic education of students. This is not just a task of the ‘Levensbeschouwing’ teachers , but of everyone in the school.