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The Ons Middelbaar Onderwijs association is the governing body of 32 secondary schools, located mainly in the province of North Brabant.
The association has three bodies: the Members’ Council, the Supervisory Board, and the Executive Board. Each school has an Advisory Council, from which, from each board, two members are delegated to the Members’ Council. Parents can also become members of the Association. The OMO Office (‘OMO-bureau’) provides support for the schools (regarding finances, staffing, housing, etc.), and the Executive Board (regarding policy preparation and implementation).

The Joint Participation Council (Gemeenschappelijke Medezeggenschapsraad, GMR) functions as a discussion partner of the Executive Board and has the authority to give or withhold approval and participate in an advisory capacity, regarding policies applicable to all schools.

Executive Board

Jos Kusters, chairman
Yvonne Kops, member
Marga van der Zanden, secretary

You can reach them by mail: or by telephone: +31 13 5955501.