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Strategy (Roadmap 2023)

Roadmap 2023: Education with conviction (‘Koers 2023: Onderwijs met overtuiging’) our strategic policy document, has been effective since January 2017. Many stakeholders, in and outside the Association, have contributed to the content of Roadmap 2023.

Roadmap 2023 is designed to give direction to the ambitions and activities of the Association and to inspire and challenge it. To develop yourself, you need the help of others. You will make it farther in life if you learn from and with each other, and if you give each other space to live well together. This requires skills such as collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving. It is important to learn to understand and utilise different opinions and cultures. We give substance to this by teaching students based on our core values: good education, being a good person, living a good life and good conduct.